Are you looking for a job in an office environment – perhaps in reception or admin? A course such as Certificate III in Business could help you get there, but you’re probably wondering what job options are out there once you’ve completed your qualification.

Not all office jobs are alike and different jobs will suit different kinds of people, depending on their individual strengths and weaknesses. For example, someone with a warm and friendly personality who loves talking to people might make a great Receptionist, or a person who is very methodical with a high attention to detail might make a great Data Entry Operator.

To help you weigh up your job options, we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of potential careers you should consider once you have finished your Business course.


This position is a highly sought after job. Most businesses have a receptionist or an office all-rounder at their front desk. This role is a vital part of any business because the Receptionist is the first point of contact for clients and guests, meaning you are responsible for the first impression people get when they visit the business. Receptionists are constantly answering phone calls, taking messages, greeting visitors, scheduling meetings and assisting the rest of the team with other various tasks. To be successful in this job you must possess high-level verbal and written communication skills, a positive attitude and a warm and welcoming manner. This is the perfect job for people who love to engage and talk with others and who enjoy having the responsibility of being the face of the company.

Administration Assistant

The daily tasks of an Administration Assistant can be very different from business to business, however most of the time your duties will involve managing and distributing information within an office and providing support to various people on the team. This could include answering phones, taking notes, maintaining files, developing workplace documents and data entry. This role is great for someone who enjoys diversity in their daily tasks, loves providing customer service and is highly organised with good attention to detail and sound computer skills.

Office Assistant

This job requires an organised and motivated individual to provide support to colleagues and surrounding departments through a variety of different tasks. These could include scheduling and planning meetings, organising and maintaining operations within the office and liaising with clients when needed. If you like to help others and work as part of a team this could be a great option for you.

Clerical Worker

A Clerical position can vary depending on the industry or the type of business but usually provide general support to the office or department they are working in. Tasks can include maintaining company records, managing incoming and outgoing mail, filing documents or working at a sales counter or service desk. If you enjoy trying new things and being flexible with your job, this could be an exciting role for you.

Junior Personal Assistant

Do you enjoy working closely with someone and completing assigned tasks? A Personal Assistant is generally allocated to provide support to one or two key senior staff, such as the Chief Executive Officer or Managing Director. This is a great introduction to an office-based work environment and this position also provides great career progression opportunities. In this job, you would work very closely with the senior manager you are assigned to and complete tasks for them, such as manage their calendar and schedule meetings, take phone messages, run business errands and more. Daily tasks will vary from business to business, but you will always be required to be on your toes and be motivated to complete whatever tasks you might be given.

Data Entry Operator

This position works more closely with the finer details and data side of the business, which is perfect for those who have high attention detail and like to work with data that is number or text-based. Data entry can relate to various areas of a business, such as sales, customer information, accounts or payroll. People in this type of position must be very methodical and take great care and pride in their work because accuracy is absolutely crucial.

Begin your journey to a new career

Centacare’s BSB30115 Certificate III in Business will teach you the practical skills and knowledge you need in order to secure work in the jobs listed above. This qualification is very diverse and will allow you to work in an endless range of industries, from local government to manufacturing, from mining to health.

This course is delivered face-to-face from our state-of-the-art training facilities centrally located in West Perth. The course includes learning support, free counselling and even 3 weeks of work experience, which looks great on your résumé!

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