Withdrawals and Refunds

Withdrawals and Refunds 

If you are unable to finish your course, you should speak with your trainer or the VET Program Manager as soon as possible so that Centacare can stop charging you fees. Until you officially withdraw, your course fees will continue to accrue. You may be eligible for a refund if you have already paid for units that you have not commenced.

Centacare Employment and Training must follow the Department of Training and Workforce Development’s Fees and Charges Policy.

Students withdrawing from a course must notify us in writing by completing a Notification of Course Withdrawal Form, or in an alternative format that satisfies the requirements of the DTWD policy above. Centacare’s course withdrawal form is made available to students on our website, and it can also be printed for students on request.

In all cases of refunds, relevant documentary evidence (e.g. a medical certificate) is required. 

Students who withdraw are entitled to a full refund of the applicable course fee, resource fee and other fees where:

  • a unit is cancelled or re-scheduled to a time unsuitable to the student; or
  • a student is not given a place due to maximum number of places being reached.

Accountable officers can approve a full refund of fees at any time during delivery if a class is cancelled due to declining student numbers, no available lecturer, or other circumstances caused by Centacare Employment and Training.

Centacare Employment and Training must set a census/withdrawal date for each unit at no less than 20% of the way through the period during which that unit is undertaken.

Students who withdraw for reasons other than those outlined in the Full Refunds section above and who lodge a withdrawal form before the census/withdrawal date for a unit will be eligible for a full refund of the course fee for the unit; and

  • a full refund of the resource fee if the course is a Diploma or Advanced Diploma course; or
  • 50% of the resource fee if the course is below Diploma level.

The VET Program Manager can approve a pro rata refund of fees and charges at any time during the course of delivery if students withdraw for reasons of personal circumstances beyond their control. For example:

  • serious illness resulting in extended absence from classes;
  • injury or disability that prevents the student from completing their program of study; or
  • other exceptional reasons at the discretion of the accountable officer.

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