Empowering Students Through Centacare’s Skills For Education And Employment (SEE) Program

Empowering Students Through Centacare’s Skills For Education And Employment (SEE) Program

In an increasingly interconnected world, fluency in English has become essential, providing individuals with opportunities for personal growth, academic success, and communication. The Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program has been instrumental in bridging linguistic barriers, but the success stories of individual students truly highlight the transformative success of the program. In this feature, we bring you the journey of Yuka Hirobe, a student who is progressing in her personal growth through attending Centacare’s SEE Program, which helped improve her skills and build her confidence.

Yuka is described as a student who is hard-working and eager to learn. She migrated to Perth with her family ten years ago from Japan. However, limited exposure to English language posed significant hurdles to her ability to converse and assimilate into the Australian lifestyle.

“I haven’t had enough English language skills before I come here, so I need to study for my kids. I find it hard to talk to other parents during school events and when talking to my children’s teacher. When talking to local people, there are some words, slang, and idioms they said I do not understand and do not know what to say, ” Yuka said.

Yuka discovered Centacare’s SEE Program through her employment provider, which aimed to support disadvantaged students like her. Motivated by her passion for learning, Yuka actively participated in the program, receiving extensive grammar, vocabulary, and conversational English classes. What set this program apart was its focus on personalised attention and one-on-one mentoring to nurture language proficiency and self-confidence. Dedicated teachers and peers became her constant companions in her goal for English fluency.

“I have been in Centacare for almost one year. I started in Joke’s (Centacare’s SEE Teacher) class and now changed with Tausaga (Centacare’s SEE Teacher). The classes are good for me, and the level is good. The first time coming to class, I was a bit nervous, but everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I am slowly getting used to the environment now. My English is improving, and I feel very comfortable studying here.”

Yuka and Tausaga Kelemente (Centacare’s SEE Teacher)

Language fluency alone would not have been enough to empower Yuka’s goal; an essential component of the program was focused on developing her self-esteem and preparing her for career opportunities. In the program, Yuka is in the process of completing her Certificate I in General Education for Adults (Introductory) and, more notably, found employment.

“I got a job two weeks ago as a warehouse cleaner, working part-time. Two days of study at Centacare and three days at work. I plan to get a full-time job, improve my English and get used to settling in Australia.”

The part-time study hours at Centacare have allowed Yuka to attend to her kids for school and part-time employment while she studies to improve her English language skills.

Today, Yuka stands as a testament to the transformative impact of Centacare’s SEE Program. Her dedication and hard work have paid off – she secured a job and gained confidence in conversing in English within her community. By providing students with a supportive environment, tailored instruction, and opportunities to excel, the SEE Program enhances language skills, fosters personal growth, and opens doors for a brighter future.

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