Gaining Confidence with Centacare’s Connecting Up Program

Gaining Confidence with Centacare’s Connecting Up Program

In July 2023, Centacare launched the Connecting Up Program – a program designed to support migrants and humanitarian entrants in developing skills that will assist them in integrating into the West Australian community. In this feature, we showcase Liudmyla, a student enrolled in Centacare’s Connecting Up Program, who arrived in Australia from Ukraine.

“I wanted to study at Centacare to gain more confidence in speaking English,” Liudmyla said. “My three grandkids are at school and my daughter is learning English at TAFE,” she elaborated.

Liudyla first heard about Centacare, when she was walking her children to Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian School.

“My grandchildren and the grandchildren of my friend, Victor, went to school together and one day we [Victor and myself] got talking about courses,” she said. “That’s how I came to know about Centacare.”

Since being at Centacare, Liudmyla has seen some significant personal growth.

“I am happy with the progress I have made so far. I feel like I’m progressing well with my reading and speaking,” she said.

Liudmyla now has grand plans for her future.

“I want to be able to speak English fluently. And I want to be able to find a job that will help me pay my rent, and I want to eventually open my own business,” she said.

By creating a nurturing, stress-free environment, Centacare’s Connecting Up staff have fostered a supportive, relaxed, and friendly learning atmosphere, ensuring that all students feel encouraged and motivated to improve their skills and confidence.

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