Gaining Employability Skills with Centacare’s Connecting Up Program

Gaining Employability Skills with Centacare’s Connecting Up Program

Centacare’s Connecting Up Program is designed to support migrants and humanitarian entrants in developing skills that will assist them in integrating into the West Australian community. In this feature, we showcase Khadija, a student who was enrolled in Centacare’s Connecting Up Program, who has recently found employment as a FIFO worker.

“Before I came to Centacare, I lacked the confidence to speak in interviews. I didn’t know how to prepare myself for interviews,” Khadija said.

“I was very afraid speaking in an interview. I was not sure about what to say or not say. I did not know how to talk about my previous experience and my future career pathway,” she elaborated.

But with the help of the Connecting Up Coordinator, Ally, and the Connecting Up teacher, Nigel, Khadija was able to create a strong Curriculum Vitae.

Centacare helped in creating my Curriculum Vitae. I spent a lot of time working on my Curriculum Vitae with the help of my English tutor,” Khadija said.

As well as creating a strong Curriculum Vitae, Khadija also spent a lot of time practicing interview questions.

“They [Ally and Nigel] also helped me to prepare for different interview scenarios. For instance, I also spent time practicing for video interviews,” she said.

And the work has paid dividends, with Khadija finding employment recently.

“I underwent two interviews for FIFO jobs and I was successful in my second interview. I have started working for a mining company in Western Australia. I am very happy with my job,” she said.

“I would like to continue to working in the FIFO industry and gain additional certifications that can help me grow in this industry,” she elaborated.

By creating a nurturing, stress-free environment, Centacare’s Connecting Up staff have fostered a supportive, relaxed, and friendly learning atmosphere, ensuring that all students feel encouraged and motivated to improve their skills and confidence.

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