Kadadjiny Bidi (Learning Path)

Kadadjiny Bidi

Learning Path

Looking for a chance to build new skills to work towards further training or employment?

Kadadjiny Bidi means ‘learning path’ and it is a free Indigenous skills and employment training program that is suitable for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It is delivered under the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Program.

What will you learn in Kadadjiny Bidi?

Kadadjiny Bidi is in an Indigenous training program that can help with a variety of employability skills to help broaden employment opportunities. This free training program is designed to support First Nations people with:

  • Learning basic computer skills for work
  • Gaining a qualification
  • Developing employability skills to further career advancement opportunities
  • Preparing for job interviews and develop a résumé
  • Learning about career pathways
  • Learning to use job search websites
  • Engaging with industry visits
  • Preparing for a learner’s permit
  • Developing leadership skills to build confidence
  • Searching for Indigenous Employment Programs
  • Sharing diverse culture
  • Reading, writing & maths

Kadadjiny Bidi can help you change your life today.

Video made by Kadadjiny Bidi students

Kadadjiny Bidi - Indigenous Training Program Details

Why join Kadadjiny Bidi? ​

Meet new people

Students have the opportunity to meet new people in the local community, as well as industry leaders to learn more about employment opportunities.

Learn in a culturally safe environment

Kadadjiny Bidi is a culturally safe training program for Indigenous peoples. Students will be supported by our friendly teachers and volunteers whilst learning at their own pace.

Get job-ready

Whether you are wanting to go on to further study or join an Indigenous employment program, Kadadjiny Bidi supports students to follow their own unique career path.

For more information or to refer, please contact us today.

Information for referring agencies:

Kadadjiny Bidi is part of the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people where they can learn essential skills to help them secure employment or go onto further study or training.

The program is very flexible; participants can start at any level and learn at their own pace.

Referring agencies are encouraged to refer participants to the program using the below Activity ID: 

Armadale Activity ID: 100467394


The Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program is funded by the Australian Government Department of  Employment and Workplace Relations. 

Kadadjiny Bidi FAQs

Kadadjiny Bidi serves as a pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on their employment journey by offering culturally safe support and resources. This Indigenous training program helps students develop essential employability skills to navigate the ever-changing job market in Western Australia. Through Kadadjiny Bidi, students can enhance their proficiency in basic computer skills, securing a solid foundation for various job roles. Students are also guided in developing essential employability skills, such as interviewing techniques and leadership skills, empowering students to advance in their careers with confidence.

At Kadadjiny Bidi, each day is different. Some days students spend time working with our teachers on writing a new resume, preparing for job interviews, hearing from industry visitors in the local community or working on small business skills to start their own business! In the past, our students have launched a small clothing business and published a book. You can read more about these projects on the news section of our website!

Kadadjini Bidi is unique because it allows students to learn collaboratively whilst following their own unique pathway. Students also have the opportunity to connect with other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peers and share knowledge. Kadadjiny Bidi isn’t an employment program. This employability skills program is diverse and prepares students for a variety of pathways. Some students may choose to seek employment, others may want to continue studying or work on launching their own small businesses.

If you are already part of an employment program such as Workforce Australia, Disability Employment Services (DES), Transition to Work (TTW) or ParentsNext (PN), you can be asked to be referred to Kadadjini Bidi from one of these agencies. Alternatively, submit an online enquiry or call (08) 9482 7000 and our friendly team will be able to help you join the program.

Yes, participants must be aged 15 years and over to be eligible for the Kadadjiny Bidi program.

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