Skills for Education and Employment

Centacare’s Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) is perfect for people needing help with their English language, reading, writing or maths skills to gain and maintain a job.  If you are wanting to improve your speaking, reading, spelling, maths or writing skills you can apply to participate in the SEE Program.

By participating in the Program you will improve your skills and will be working towards a nationally recognised Certificate in General Education for Adults qualification.

Why should I do this course?

SEE is about helping you get the skills you need to get a job or go on to further study or training.  It can:

  • Improve your spoken and written English language skills;
  • Improve your reading, writing and maths skills;
  • Help you to use a computer;
  • Make it easier for you to get and keep a job; and
  • Give you the confidence and skills to do more study or training.

General Course Information

How long is the course?
You will study between 10 and 20 hours each week.  Your JSA Provider or Centrelink might set a minimum number of hours for you.  Most students come to class two or three times per week.  Each course is 200 hours and you can study up to 4 courses per year.

When does it start?
You can enter the program at any time as it has no start and end dates.  Adults are referred to the program each day and new groups are started to cater to the demand.  Groups are small and medium sized.

How much is the course?
The course is free if you are between 15 and 64 years old and are a registered job seeker with Centrelink.  You will need to check you can participate in the course with Centrelink or your JSA provider.

How do I get on the course?
Contact Centrelink or your JSA Provider and tell them you’d like to join the SEE (Skills for Education and Employment Program).

From one of our clients:

Centacare Employment and Training has changed my life because I now know how to use a computer, write and read English, and use correct grammar.  The best thing about the staff is that they are all friendly and are very helpful.