10 Signs You Would Make a Great Disability Carer

10 Signs You Would Make a Great Disability Carer

Not everyone has what it takes to be a great disability carer, but with the industry growing rapidly and jobs in abundance, it could be the perfect next step for your career. If any of the below sounds like you, you might have just found your ideal career in the disability services sector.

You’re Positive and Light Up the Room

A good disability carer is someone with a positive attitude who is able to bring light and life to the lives of the disadvantaged. Depression and mental illness are unfortunately very common in disabled people, who can feel lonely, frustrated and experience a lack self-worth. Often surrounded by others in a similar situation, sometimes a carer is all they may have to bring much-needed lightness to their day. Disability carers need to be positive and see the glass half full perspective in any situation.

You’re Empathetic and Kind

Dealing with a disability can be a confusing and frustrating process, especially if an individual is losing their independence as their condition diminishes. Disability carers need to not only have the empathy to understand and connect with their patient’s emotions but have the kind-heartedness and care to support them through each new adversity.

You’re Patient

Anyone who has spent time with someone less able knows that it can be frustrating to experience, for both the patient and those around them. For the disabled, simple tasks that we often take for granted can take some time to achieve and a good disability carer will have the patience to handle these situations without getting frustrated or agitated. A great disability carer will get accustomed to the slower pace and some disability support workers even learn to enjoy it.

You’re Passionate

Does the idea of being a disability carer excite you? If so it’s likely you have a passion for the role. Disability support can be a demanding and challenging job. You will be supporting people with different physical and mental needs. To be a great disability carer you will need to be passionate. You will always be a better worker if you have a passion for it!

You’re an Out of the Box Thinker

Disability carers need to be able to think outside of the box. As a disability carer, one of your roles is to help the person you are supporting achieve their goals. A great disability carer would do this by providing unique and exciting experiences. If you believe you are inventive and good at removing barriers, disability support could be the job for you.

You’re a Good Listener and Observer

The physical and mental condition of a disabled person can deteriorate in a short period of time or change rapidly. An experienced and professional disability carer will be observant enough to notice even the smallest changes in their patient and know which changes to treat with urgency and importance.

Even the smallest changes in a person’s behaviour, physicality or disposition could point to something more sinister and it is often up to their carer to notice these changes and identify any underlying problems before they get worse.

You’re a Great Communicator

Disability carers will likely experience a diverse range of patients with different cultural backgrounds and physical and mental disabilities that may inhibit their ability to communicate effectively. A good disability carer will not only be able to understand the individual but also communicate with them, so the person is not left feeling confused or distressed in any situation.

Disability carers will not only have to learn to properly communicate with their patients, but they will also need to act as a voice for their patient when communicating with friends, family or other support workers.

You’re Community Minded

To be considered a community-minded person you need to be interested in helping the wider community. Disability support workers have the power to impact the wider community in a positive way. They help to bring support, change and empowerment to disabled people. Disability carers also have the task of involving the disabled person in their care in the wider community.  If you are a community-minded person, disability support is a great career choice for you.

You’re Qualified

If all of the above sounds just like you, there’s not much standing between you and your career as an amazing disability carer. In fact, disability support is one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia, meaning you won’t have much of an issue getting a job. Most do require some formal qualification, like a Certificate III in Individual Support from Centacare. Here you can specialise in Disability.

The course takes just 19 weeks and means you can start changing the lives of others, and yourself before you know it. If only some of the above sounds like you but you’re still interested in a career as a support worker, don’t worry. The course will teach you to grow all of these skills and turn each student into a skilled and compassionate disability carer.

Another bonus of studying disability courses through Registered Training Organisations like Centacare is that the government has halved the course cost.

You’re Experienced

When looking for a job, employers will want to know that you’re qualified and have had some experience working with patients. At Centacare you’ll have three weeks’ work experience as part of your qualification, meaning you’ll finish the course 100% job-ready. Centacare organises your work experience for you which will not only equip you with the skills needed on the job, it’ll also look great on your resume.

If you think you are the right person for a disability carer role, start your journey to becoming qualified and experienced with Centacare. For more information get in touch or give us a call (08) 9482 7000.

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