Celebrating Success: Disability, Ageing and Business Students Graduate at Centacare

Celebrating Success: Disability, Ageing and Business Students Graduate at Centacare

Centacare hosted a big graduation last week, celebrating with more than 20 students who completed Certificate III qualifications in Ageing, Disability and Business.

We were very pleased to be joined by more than 30 graduates, friends and family members to recognise their fantastic achievements.

Ageing Graduates
Ageing Graduates

Many of the students shared their experiences and expressed their gratitude to Centacare, their trainers, fellow students and their families for supporting them.

“If any of you had met me at the beginning of the course, I was pretty unsure and pretty nervous,” said Shelby, a young Disability graduate, “but if you talk to me now you’ll see that my confidence has grown and my interest and passion towards disability has doubled.”

Disability Graduates
Disability Graduates

“I really want to thank all the staff here at Centacare for the hard work you all put into making this such a great learning experience for all the students and myself,” Shelby went on to say. “I’ve been really appreciative of the support and extra help that I’ve gotten here because I had a pretty bad experience in high school so to come back to study, this was the best place I could have come to.”

Business Graduates

David, a mature-age student from Sudan, emphasised the importance of having extra support in the classroom which helped him achieve his qualification.

“The language barrier is one of the challenges that I faced,” he said, “but I went through because of the help and support of the many other people besides the trainer who come into the class to help us to overcome this difficulty.”

“I’m very proud to get this Certificate,” he said, “Thank you to Centacare for giving me this opportunity to be able to do something like this.”

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