Polly’s Story: Finding Happiness and New Directions

Polly’s Story: Finding Happiness and New Directions

Our hearts have been touched by the words of Polly Sanzone, who recently completed her Certificate III in Business here at Centacare. Polly wanted to share her experiences and thoughts about her time studying with us, so she sent us this letter. Have a read of what Polly said…

Over the last 6 months I have completed my Certificate III in Business. The course was challenging but rewarding. If you want to achieve your goal you will, and that’s exactly what I did.

Before commencing this course I was trapped in a really bad mindset. I had left school for over 7 months and hardly left my house. This lead to me feeling depressed, unsure of my purpose, anxious, unmotivated and I pretty much hated myself.

Until one day a lady from the Education Department named Kristal came to my house to talk to me about my options towards my next chapter. She showed me a flyer about completing my Certificate III in Business. I used to be interested in office work but lost my passion while doing nothing with my life. So when Kristal told me about the course something in my brain ticked.

A few days after my talk with Kristal, I went to an arranged appointment at the head office in Leederville. At that point I found out one of my good friends Nicole was also attending the appointment. Nicole had also spoken to Kristal and enrolled in the same course.

Knowing Nicole was also joining the course took the edge off my anxiety about starting something I knew nothing about. Because I hadn’t been at school for a while, I felt like I had lost my intelligence so I was really nervous.

The following Tuesday Nicole and I went to our course. We walked up the stairs with a thousand things going through our head. We walked into the class room and were greeted with smiles and kindness.

At first the course seemed really difficult but like I said, it was challenging but rewarding. After the first few weeks the work was fluently understood. I’ve always struggled to think, capture, understand and learn because I have never met a teacher that suited my learning style, until I met our trainer Lorraine.

Lorraine was like a mum to us all; she put in so much effort to help us succeed and it was all out of the goodness of her heart. To have an individual be your teacher but also cherish you as a person is one of the many reasons I put my all into this course. When you feel respected by someone and they recognise all your strengths and constantly remind you of them, it really does fill your heart and it shows in my work.

This course has taught me so many valuable life and learning lessons. I went in to learn about business and I came out learning about business, teamwork and recognising my strengths. But most of all, I found myself again.

So Lorraine, a huge thank you for helping me become the person I am today and being patient and consistent throughout this journey. I was stuck in such a deep rabbit hole and this course completely turned my mental state around. I will definitely be recommending this course to anyone that comes my way who’s interested. Thank you.

We are so touched, Polly. We wish you all the very best for the future and sincerely hope that you will keep in touch. We’re sure you’re off to accomplish amazing things!

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