Creating Your Own Future with Centacare’s Alternative Education Program

Creating Your Own Future with Centacare’s Alternative Education Program

Education is essential for a young person’s future success. Not only does it provide the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the workforce, but it also instils important values and builds resilience. However, while the traditional school setting may work well for many students, there are some who require a different approach to education. In this feature, we showcase Marcus, a young student who has thrived since coming to Centacare.

“A lady at my previous school suggested I come around to Centacare. I had a look around here, and from there I decided I would come here,” Marcus said.

“School was a bit full on for me. I felt like I was getting left behind,” he elaborated.

Since being at Centacare, Marcus has noticed a sense of personal growth, and is appreciative for Centacare.

“Studying at Centacare has helped me get into a routine, it’s given me something to do, rather than just sitting at home doing nothing and being bored. Centacare has given me a purpose,” he said.

His teacher at Centacare, Rose, has also noticed this growth in Marcus.

“He has really grown in confidence, and he now realises what he is capable of in literacy and numeracy by getting one-on-one help. He has become very independent in his work as he realises he can do it. Marcus is very capable,” Rose said.

Marcus has recently finished his Introduction Certificate, and part of this course involved him in creating an art piece, with it being dedicated to Harmony Week celebrations.

“Marcus would do his work, and then everyday he would do a little bit of the art piece. He did it all by himself,” Rose said.

“I coloured in a lot of pages – thirty-two to be exact – and put it together. I did three or four pages a day. We then used blu-tack to stick it all together. Before we put it up, we had to measure the wall to make sure it would fit,” Marcus said.

Rose was was quick to highlight how the artwork has impacted Centacare’s Fremantle site.

“This project formed a large part of Fremantle’s Harmony Week display and celebration. The positive feedback has been extensive,” she said.

“Another classmate has started a similar project (collaborative mural) for Mother’s Day for her Cert I,” she elaborated.

When quizzed about his future, Marcus said he would like to get into the building industry.

“I’d like to be doing bricklaying or something similar,” he said.

And Rose can see why.

“Marcus is good with his hands. When he finishes his work, he likes to build things in the classroom,” she said.

Rose was full of praise for Marcus.

“He’s actually a model student. Marcus has come in every single day. He is now onto his Cert 1, and has already done a couple of units,” she said.

By providing young people with a safe and supportive learning space, Centacare’s Alternative Education Program allows students to improve their life, literacy and numeracy skills as well as prepares them for pathways to employment, training or further study.

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