Developing Skills with Centacare’s Connecting Up Program

Developing Skills with Centacare’s Connecting Up Program

In July 2023, Centacare launched the Connecting Up Program – a program designed to support migrants and humanitarian entrants in developing skills that will assist them in integrating into the West Australian community. In this feature, we showcase Ricky Ali Asgar, a student enrolled in Centacare’s Connecting Up Program, who arrived in Australia, from Myanmar, under a United Nations program.

“Before I came to Centacare, I lacked the confidence to speak in English. I wanted to study because I wanted to be proficient in English and wanted to be able to converse confidently in Australia,” Ricky said.

“Now, I am much more comfortable conversing and expressing myself,” he elaborated.

As well as developing his English writing and speaking skills, Ricky learned how to navigate the digital world.

“My first experience with any digital learning tool was with Centacare. I did not know anything about computers, and I was very excited to learn about using them,” he said.

Ricky now has grand plans for his future.

“I will purchase a laptop next month, as I am now more confident about using it,” he said. “I still would like to learn more about using computer applications,” he elaborated.

He is full of praise for Centacare, and the staff in the Connecting Up program.

Centacare is a good place to start learning English and computer skill. The teacher, Nigel, and the Coordinator, Ally, are very helpful. I would definitely recommend Centacare to others,” he said.

By creating a nurturing, stress-free environment, Centacare’s Connecting Up staff have fostered a supportive, relaxed, and friendly learning atmosphere, ensuring that all students feel encouraged and motivated to improve their skills and confidence.

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