Opening Doors for a Brighter Future with Centacare’s Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Program

Opening Doors for a Brighter Future with Centacare’s Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Program

Volunteering is a valued characteristic of the Australian identity. Active and healthy communities depend upon the work of volunteers. In this feature, we bring you the journey of Sindhuja Srirengarajan. Originally a successful and highly motivated student at Centacare, Sindhuja is now a volunteer here. Her ambition is to become a teacher.

Sindhuja and her family moved to Australia from India four years ago. She became aware of Centacare after browsing through the internet, looking at different Registered Training Organisations.

“I was keenly looking into studying something that could help me in the future,” she said. “It was really close to me… I thought I would give it a go.

After being assessed for the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Program,
Sindhuja was placed in the Advanced Computer Skills for Work Course.

“The whole course was one where everyone could do it at their own pace, and the teacher [Sujatha] was really helpful… It [the course] was really good and I got a lot of confidence,” she said. “The thing I benefited from the most, was learning about [Microsoft] Excel and I even learnt about Wix software… I can even create my own blog there.”

After progressing exceptionally well through the Computer Skills for Work Course, Sindhuja was offered the chance to volunteer in Centacare’s SEE Program.

Over an eight-ten week period, Sindhuja undertook the Volunteering Tutor Program, where she learnt about the expectations required, adult learning principles, strategies for reading, writing, spelling and mathematics, as well as strategies for adults who are beginning to learn the English language.

“I started volunteering from the last term… It’s my second term being a volunteer here, so hopefully I’ll be able to volunteer here in the next term as well,” she said.

So far, Sindhuja has flourished in her role as a volunteer – she is always willing to help students achieve good results.

“I’m getting even more confidence now with what I learnt in the advanced course and I’m able to help the students in the beginner’s course now… You come to know about what the students are struggling with, [and] what we can [do to] come up with a study plan or something like that,” she said.

From being a volunteer tutor, Sindhuja has found a new goal that she wishes to achieve.

“I have an idea to do a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and to become a teacher here. When my child is like four-years-old, I’ll be able to go study. Then maybe when I’m upgraded, I’ll try look for a job at Centacare,” she said.

Despite being successful with her journey, Sindhuja is deeply grateful to Centacare. “Centacare is shaping me in a really good way to help excel in the future. It’s really helping me,” she elaborated.

By providing students with a supportive environment, tailored instruction, and opportunities to excel, Centacare’s SEE Program opens doors for a brighter future.

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