An Avenues Student’s Testimonial

An Avenues Student’s Testimonial

Kristie-Anne Green was a student at Centacare’s Avenues – Alternative Education Program (AEP) in Mirrabooka. She joined the program in April 2021. She became disengaged from school as she spent more and more time caring for her sick grandmother. When her grandmother went into care, Kristie was able to re-engage in her education. However, she did not feel comfortable returning to mainstream schooling as she thought she would not be at the same academic level as her peers. Kristie was keen to graduate with a Certificate II in General Education for Adults and then complete a TAFE course in Business.

Kristie’s home life was not ideal, and she had many issues to deal with including the passing of her much-loved grandmother. Kristie had some very low times while at Avenues but always kept in contact letting us know what was happening in her life. As she was keen to complete her studies Kristie worked hard when in class. Kristie has kindly provided Centacare with her personal testimonial recalling her study experience in the Avenues program:

Retrospective of My Time at Avenues

“Avenues (Mirrabooka) is an excellent program, which enabled me to complete my Certificate II in General Education for Adults over a prolonged period of time due to a few hurdles life sometimes throws at you.

The staff here at Avenues, that being the teacher (Karen) and youth worker (Tanya) are so lovely, they really do help you with your studies, and especially with actually sitting down one to one to help you fully understand it even if it takes hours; something that a normal schooling environment fails to do.

Student next to teacher
From left: Kristie Green and Karen Cole

When I experienced difficulties with home life and my living situation I was afraid and somewhat embarrassed to speak about it, that’s when Tanya noticed something was wrong and sat me down outside and we had a good chat, then that allowed her and Karen to assist me with what was going on. Because of these hurdles, I wasn’t able to come into class as often and nearly gave up at one point, but these amazing ladies chased me up and encouraged me to keep coming in when I could, with saying that the flexibility they provided and caring nature is what helped me in completing the course because normal school certainly wouldn’t allow that.

When I first started here, I was a very shy, quiet and anxious person who didn’t think I’d go anywhere in life. Being in a comfortable and safe environment allowed me to be myself without judgement, and those amazing ladies helped me come out of my shell. The other students here are no issue as well considering we are all here for the same reason. Fast forwarding to now, I am now working full-time as a hotel receptionist socializing with all sorts of people every day and it’s great. My time here has set me up for success in my future endeavours and I won’t ever forget how fantastic my experience here was.

I highly recommend the Avenues program to any young adult struggling in the normal school system, whether it’s with the academic side of things or the people and bullying side of things, here at Avenues everyone from all walks of life is welcome and looked after, no one is ever left out. My time spent here is something I’ll be forever grateful for.”

By Kristie-Anne Green
Avenues (AEP) student

Karen Cole, Centacare’s AEP teacher, commented that Kristie’s goal changed from further study to getting a full-time job, finding somewhere to live and becoming an independent adult as the year progressed. With encouragement and support from Youth Worker Tanya, Kristie was able to find full-time employment in a small family-run hotel and accommodation in a shared house. By the end of 2021, Kristie had only a few tasks to complete her Certificate II in General Education.

“Working around her work roster Kristie attended class when she could, and completed tasks at home, eventually completing the Certificate II in General Education for Adults in April 2022. Kristie has been so appreciative of the support and flexibility she has received from the staff at Centacare. She just needed people to believe in her and give her the flexibility to deal with personal issues while trying to focus on her education. Kristie continues to keep in contact, and I am pleased to report she is happy and healthy and saving to buy a car,” said Karen.

Centacare’s Avenues – Alternative Education Program (AEP) is an Alternative Education Program (AEP) that provides a safe learning space for youth in Years 10, 11 and 12 to re-engage with education. The program helps students to improve their life, literacy and numeracy skills as well as prepares them for pathways to employment, training or further study.

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